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TYC Call Off Hunger Strike


It with great relief that the Tibetan Youth Congress has today agreed to call off the indefinite hunger strike which has witnessed the TYC Three go without food for 25 days! The spirit and determination  shown by Dhondup Lhadar, Tenzin Norsang and Konchok Yangphel, reflects the courageous and just struggle for national liberation being waged by Tibetans in occupied Tibet. Throughout we were  in complete solidarity with their action and congratulate the support, care and dedication of the TYC and various RTYC branches. Due to their tremendous sacrifices increased awareness and global attention towards the situation in Tibet has been realized. Their action has inspired Tibetans around the world and no doubt inside the occupied nation of Tibet. Much has been achieved due to such selfless bravery and commitment and it a very welcome development that these dedicated patriots shall not be lost to the cause.  Their presence, integrity and heart are invaluable contributions that are needed in the ongoing struggle for Tibet’s rightful independence. Respect to all those organizations and individuals who actively supported the TYC  Three, while those Tibet groups and persons, who maintained a shameful distance from the hunger strike, and the callous indifference of some mainstream media,  may you hold your heads in shame!

One thought on “TYC Call Off Hunger Strike

  1. Hunger strikes serve no purpose, only to cause suffering to the person on the hunger strike, I applaud his or hers desire to be heard. But if all the workers that apposed Chinas hard-line tactics were to stop working to create a national boycott, this would bring China to the point of having to listen to the people of Tibet. China thrives on money, greed and thievery, you cut that supply, they will listen.

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