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Make Sure Cameron Gets The Message Of Tibet’s Independence

With China’s Premier surrounded by sycophantic UK businessmen and government officials, waving Chinese flags and salivating at the thought of trade deals, to mark his visit Tibetans and their supporters have organized a protest outside the palatial opulence of London’s appropriately named Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which will be hosting Wen Jiabao.

London's Mandarin Hotel Hosting Wen Jiabao

Image: LondonBeats

Further demonstrations were arranged opposite Downing Street, although the BBC largely ignored reference to Tibet or such protests in its coverage, to expose a number of major concerns resulting from China’s occupation of Tibet, notably the ongoing military lockdown and oppression visited by China’s ‘security’ forces, upon Kirti Monastery, in Amdo Eastern Tibet. In addition folks in the UK have been asked to get involved in a lobbying campaign directed towards British leader, David Cameron, who is to host a UK-China Summit during Wen’s trip.

While recognizing the importance and urgency of the issues given prominence in these protests, it is disappointing to note on this major occasion, with the attendent media exposure, that once again the Tibet movement in Britain has opted to offer not one reference to the struggle being waged by Tibetans for their nation’s independence. In an echo of previous events held in the UK, while public statements and literature rightfullydemand an end to suppression and call for justice and respect for human rights, the very goal Tibetans are striving for is absent!

What, we should ask, would Tibetans inside Tibet feel about such a selective and dilute representation? After all they are fighting for nothing less than independence, and paying a terrible price for such dissent, it would be entirely reasonable of those facing torture to demand Tibet’s national liberation, to question why those with the freedom to speak have chosen to remain silent, on the issue that defines Tibet’s struggle. Surely Tibetans in Britain can support that goal?

Inside Tibet The Message is Clear-Amdo March 2008
Inside Tibet The Message is Clear-Amdo March 2008

Image: TCHRD

Online Action

If you would like to help ensure that Tibet’s true cause is presented to the British Prime Minister’s Office please post the following question:

Dear David Cameron

I/we urge your office to recognize that within international law that Tibet is an independent nation under illegal occupation, and that Tibetans, being a distinct people. retain the right to (at the very least) self-determination. Will you also acknowledge that Tibetans inside Tibet, in their ongoing resistance to Chinese occupation, are demanding independence for Tibet?

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2 thoughts on “Make Sure Cameron Gets The Message Of Tibet’s Independence

  1. This is not well phrased and does not have facts. It is impolite to speak about the British Prime Minister as Cameron and people do not respond to impoliteness. It is Mr Cameron. I am 100% in agreement with the cause but you need better understanding of how to make people listen and how to approach people. I agree the British media are not reporting on Tibet and write constantly to the BBC to point this out but just get standard replies you cannot engage in dialogue with because there is no reply to their e mail response.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to offer your views.

      If our organization had a 100 bucks for every polite, courteous and respectful communication that was ignored or evaded by politicians we would be very rich indeed 🙂 The point of this action was to ensure that Cameron’s office was aware that the issue of Tibetan independence was alive and kicking, at no stage did anyone expect, no matter the etiquette of presentation, that there would be a reply on the subject, the reason being that two issues; Tibet’s independence and consistently guarantee silence and evasion. Our action simply was a shot across the bow, to remind the UK Government that Tibet’s people are struggling NOT for ‘autonomy’ but for their nation’s independence. Also note that the post’s headline though featuring surname only (a practice not uncommon in general reportage) was followed more significantly by an appeal directed to ‘David Cameron’. What you may not know is that organizations in the UK supporting Tibet actually are very reluctant to champion the Tibetan people’s true cause, instead they push a human rights/autonomy agenda, and also operate in the courteous game of communication you suggest, ironically such posturing has resulted in little progress, unless a collection of nicely worded replies counts for adavancing Tibet’s cause.

      As to the BBC, we understand that they are in effect an unofficial extension of the political establishment in England, and as such on subjects such as Tibet, follow the line of appeasement and censorship advocated by your version of the State Department. Little surprise that you do not get any meaningful response.

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