Appeasing China

Speaking In Chinese Tongues

Thubten Samphel

Thubten Samphel is a spokesperson for the exile Tibetan Administration (recently conferring upon itself the less politically provocative title of ‘institution’) As such he is called upon to issue statements reflecting the dizzying degree of appeasement and compromise, which characterizes efforts by that body to seek a negotiated solution on Tibet with China’s government. To the detriment of Tibet’s rightful cause of national freedom, such comments are often at complete variance to the political aspirations and struggle being waged inside occupied Tibet. Indeed, such is the nature of the policies and statements often represented by Samphel’s office, that it is no exagerration to consider such as betrayal. Take the following,  issued on June 27th:

“As far as Tibetans are concerned, the ‘One-China Policy’ (Editor’s Note See Here) translates into the will of the Tibetans to remain within the constitution of China. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has acknowledged on earlier occasions that the people of Taiwan are responsible for making their own decisions” Source (Emphasis Added)

What planet is Thubten Samphel living on? Can it possibly be the same as that of the vast majority of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, whose express will, as repeatedly shown by various mass demonstrations and individual protests, is to regain their national freedom, not to remain under China’s illegal rule or its constitution! That fact is known by Samphel’s office and those of his employers, yet in the drive to appease China such a reality is an inconvenience to be ignored and betrayed.

It’s time the Tibetan ‘Institution’ realized it’s obligation, morally and politically, to faithfully and honestly represent the common aspirations of its people; who are displaying remarkable courage and determination in resisting China’s tyranny, not issue treacherous distortions.

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