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Tsewang Norbu: A Tibetan Patriot And Martyr For Tibet’s Independence

Tsewang Norbu-Self-Immolated In Tawu, Kham, East Tibet


Tibetan martyr, Tsewang Norbu who self-immolated August 15, in protest of China’s oppressive occupation of Tibet, maybe thought by some to have committed a futile and tragic act, with no positive benefit. Yet, his death and the political protest for Tibetan independence, he undertook prior to setting himself ablaze, has again reminded exiled Tibetan communities that the struggle against China’s tyranny endures. Moreover his desperate yet courageous action declared to the wider world the political aspirations of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet.  Tsewang did not call out for ‘autonomy’ or some limited improvement for human rights under China’s rule, his demand was emphatic and one known in the hearts of all Tibetans, independence for Tibet!

Tsewang’s Funeral Service August 18, 2011


All those who truly care for Tibet can honor Tsewang’s sacrifice by making sure that his actions are neither misreported or exploited, already some have been disgracefully choosing not to inform that he was protesting in support of Tibetan independence, while others, inluding an English support group (Free Tibet Organization) which ironically is no friend of Tibet’s independence, has published a harrowing photo of Tsewang’s agonizing death. This has caused an outraged reaction from many, who question the insensitivity of releasing the image, and wonder if that organization is exploitatively promoting itself?

It is to be hoped that the rally for Tsewang, being arranged later today on the streets of London, will have the decency and solidarity to express the same political aspirations which were demanded by Tsewang Norbu, can we hope to see placards and banners calling for Tibet’s independence outside the Chinese Consulate? Or will those in England so quick to publicize such disturbing images of Tswang’s demise choose not express such support? If so their actions and words on Tibet’s latest martyr are callous and hollow!  

5 thoughts on “Tsewang Norbu: A Tibetan Patriot And Martyr For Tibet’s Independence

  1. I pray that his actions will lead to positive benefits for Tibetans, Chinese and all of mankind. I pray for his positive rebirth.
    Om mani padme hum

  2. I think you mean Free Tibet, who did not first publish the image in question- I believe it was first released by TCHRD.

    Me and others in the pro-indpendence movement have messaged you before about the entirely logical reasons why the word ‘independence’ is omitted on placards in the UK- because the majority of UK groups are pro-middle way. I’ve pointed out that you don’t see the words ‘support the Middle way’ on placards in the UK either; that’s because the pro-independence groups would not agree to them.

    It’s a shame that you lump us all in together, given that two of the UK groups are pro-independence and are gradually influencing the others to follow suit. Your insults against the UK Tibet movement are unhelpful, and do not help persuade the Middle Way crowd that independence is the way forward.

    Unfortunately you will probably delete this comment, which is always a shame. I hope you’ll start to work with UK pro-independence supporters rather than against us, as lots of what you say on this blog is powerful and sensible.

    Tashi delek

    1. Your comments, though not entirely salient and repeating points previously made have been included, if only to provide a contextual background for our response. We shall not be engaging in further discussion on this so please refrain from a enjoinder,as your point has been made and featured on this occasion.

      Firstly, you should understand that unlike yourselves our network is not based in England, we have subscribers and friends there who keep us informed of events from time-to-time. The consistent message we receive, and report without reservation, is that Tibet’s true cause for independence, so courageously waged by Tibetans in occupied Tibet, is marginalized, ignored, diluted and distorted, by what’s been called a ‘Tibet Coalition’ in your country. We further understand that an unhealthy closeness exists between your equivalent of the State Department and some Tibetan organizations in England, some questions on this subject have been raised previously with the Tibet Society coming under particular scrutiny. From what we are told it appears that your government’s State Department, ,through such organizations, exerts some corrosive influence of the English Tibet movement that is wholly intolerant and inactive in terms of public ad vocation of Tibet’s independence. We gather too that the preparations for rallys and events in your country are somewhat dominated by a handful of individuals, who we hear are implacably opposed to the struggle for Tibetan independence, being more followers of His Holiness and uncritical adherents of so-called autonomy for Tibet. It seems like this situation has been in operation for a number of years, our reporting on that is a factual observation based on reports and eyewitness accounts from those in England who have found it impossible to secure any enthusiasm or cooperation from groups there to publicly support Tibet’s rightful independence. It is an appalling situation, more so when contrasted to action for Tibet taking place in the US where there is a vibrant and powerful lobby for Tibetan independence, mirrored in Europe also, notably in Switzerland. There are of course many questions raised by what is a betrayal of the political objectives being sought by Tibetans in occupied Tibet, and given your assertion that there are two groups in England supportive of Tibetan independence, many will rightfully be asking why it is that such voices are not being given equal representation at public events for Tibet? What censorial influences are ensuring that such solidarity is not allowed to express itself? The answer to these important questions do not lie within the extenuating fudge offered by your explanation,as clearly anyone totally committed to supporting Tibet’s true cause would not be deflected, silenced or censored on the basis of a lack of majority support. The focus will of course turn upon the groups you say are supportive of Tibet’s independence and questions asked about why they have not asserted themselves, and in so doing stood with Tibetans in their rightful cause for national liberation.

      We are always willing and happy to cooperate,encourage and support those who actively support Tibet’s independence, however from the information we have it seems that in England that cause is afraid to raise its voice, or be proudly written on banners or placards. While that lamentable state-of-affairs exists we shall continue to report, challenge and expose those who misrepresent and conceal the true cause that Tibetans, such as Tsewang Norbu gave his life for. If you want our support make a stand stop letting folks there dominate your actions and beliefs.

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