RTYC Wisconsin Inaugurates Tibet Fatherland-Day

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This North American Regional Tibetan Youth Congress NARTYC has inaugruated a ‘Tibet Fatherland Day’ to uphold Tibet’s cultural traditions, and as an affirmation that Tibet’s rightful cause for independence shall endure and one day prevail. The resolution was agreed at  NARTYC 11th annual meeting at Washington DC. Images taken August 19 Madison, at RTYC Wisconsin meeting to launch the day.

Images/report courtesy of  Kunchock Gonpo-RTYC Wisconsin

One Comment

  1. Dear RTYC Members,
    Thank you very much for the hard work. I am sure you all might have read recent articles published by our Rangzen lover Mr. Jamyang Norbu la.The only organization he supported in his great writing is Tibetan Youth Congress. In my opinion, his ideology is really in tune with TYC.Please join me by thanking his for clear-out line.. We should all stand with him to oppose the outdated policy of the exiled Tibetan Administration. It is time for show that we are with Mr. Jamyang Norbu.
    Norbu. TYC members are doing great by standing with Jamyang Norbu La. Bodth Gyal lo.
    Three cheers for Jamyang Norbu la Hurray for all Tibetan Youth Congress Free Tibet


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