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China Plays The ‘Terrorism Game’ As New York Remembers 9/11

As the good folks in NYC prepare to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, and a gullible and an ever compliant media reports of new ‘terrorist’ threats, China has been responding in its usual manner of violent repression, to what it claims is terrorism within the Uyghur population. For some time now it has been assembling and promoting the fabrication that terrorist influences are at work within East Turkestan (so-called Xinjiang Region).  A convenient distraction that seeks to conceal the real factors which generate resistance to Chinese occupation. It is of course a potent deception. Thanks to years of carefully constructed propaganda, courtesy of intelligence agencies in both the USA and England, public and political opinion has been so warped, that the very mention of ‘terrorism’ immediately prompts a predictable response.

Afforded constant exposure by an all too uncritical media, the fiction of a coalition of democratic nations, pitted against the forces of darkness, has troubling echoes from the twisted pages of the medieval Inquisition where a dominant political and military power waged a terrifying war against a people possessed of a different ideology.

Whatever the origins of al-Qaeda, there is some evidence to suggest they were in part a creation of the CIA  there can be no doubting, that due to relentless media exposure the image of a global terror group (which according to former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, can seemingly strike from the baked mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of England,  has been firmly established in the popular and political imagination. A fact exploited by those with agendas more concerned with securing stability in that region to enable a long-planned (American backed) oil and gas pipeline to Pakistan, than establishing freedom and justice for the people of Afghanistan.

Communist China has been quick to seek advantage from such perceptions, in an effort to serve foreign policy objectives, and maintain the fiction that its presence in Tibet and East Turkestan is legitimate, Beijing is participating in the ‘terrorism game’. Portraying itself as victim to international forces, set on the destruction of its supposedly harmonious society. By claiming that the demonstrations inside East Turkestan are guided by the hand of al-Qaeda Beijing is exploiting a number of established prejudices, perceptions and paranoia to position itself upon the world stage as a force for social stability and order. Meanwhile, in the smoke and confusion of such a deception the daily terrorism inflicted upon Uyghurs and Tibetans, engineered by the communist party of China, is obscured and diluted, much to the appreciation of the Chinese regime.

China is assisted in such falsehood by a number of international friends, and sadly served by some media outlets that have seemingly abandoned any critical or forceful examination of the nature of Chinese occupation in Tibet and East Turkestan. One only has to note the willing compliance of foreign journalists inside Urumchi, who conform to the restrictions of reportage imposed by the communist authorities. Other reporters have scripted accounts on recent events in East Turkestan which have caused some to question if they have pro-Chinese sympathies.

In an televised interview on the English Channel Four news bulletin an information officer from the Chinese Embassy in London was praising Ms. Tania Branigan’s (journalist with the Guardian newspaper) reportage on the situation in Urumchi. He also made clear to viewers that, as he described, he knew Tania very well, not un-surprising given his position at the Embassy. Of course we must not extract from this any baseless speculation, Ms. Branigan is a professional journalist, who no doubt places great value on objectivity and balance. Yet some of a more cynical persuasion may well be asking serious questions about her latest offering which appeared in The Guardian July 14 2009

This article based upon a report from Stirling Assynt an English private security assessment enterprise (how we remember the fact-free findings of such organisations which chorused the existence weapons- of-mass destruction in Iraq) that claimed a supposed Algerian arm of al-Qaeda issued a threat against Chinese people for the deaths of Uyghurs in Urumchi. Rather curious that the information seems to be based upon what the Guardian describes “from people who have seen the instruction”. So we have a London-based security company, issuing a report, seemingly based upon third-hand testimony of individuals who claim to have seen the instruction for action against Algeria’s Chinese population? Clearly we are in the realm of speculation here, but no matter how baseless who benefits from associating al Quaeda with East Turkestan?

Although Tania Branigan’s piece made clear that ” ..the assessment does not suggest there is any direct link between Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province and al-Qaida” the corrosive and misleading seed has been planted and supported by the article’s headline which read “Al-Qaida (sic) threatens to target Chinese over Muslim deaths in Urumqi”

Such questionable coverage must delight China’s Ministry of Propaganda

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