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Tibetan Students Launch Week-Long Hunger Strike

Tibetan Students Launch Their Action For Tibet


“The seven day hunger strike had started today at 11:30 am. The general secretary of Gandhi Peace Foundation Sir Surendra Kumar presided over the opening of the event as the chief guest and he talked about the relevance of Gandhian principles and tactics for solving noble cause and the significance of Tibet issue in the context of India’s security, economic and politic. Mr. Palden Sonam president of RTYC Rohini talked on the purpose of the seven day hunger strike and need to do more in the light of current development in Tibet to an audience of Delhi University Tibetan students. Venerable Shingza Rinpoche also attended the event as an expression of his blessing and support for the participants. The participants formally sat on their fast after prostrating and praying in front of HH the Dalai Lama’s portray. The president of RTYC, Samyeling introduced the participants to the public and gave vote of thanks.

President of Arunachal Students Union, Mr Tagam and North East social activist and Tibet supporter Mr pema visited the participants and expressed their concern over the current situation in Tibet and encouraged the participants to work hard. RTYC Kathmandu Representative, Regional Welfare Officer, Mr Lhakyi, Residential welfare office, Dorjee Dhondup, president of Regional Tibetan Freedom Movement, Mr Topden, president of Regional Tibetan Woman’s Association Ms Rinzin Wangmo and director of Tibetan Youth Hostel Mr.Karma Thinley visited and gave the participants traditional Tibetan scarves as a gesture of appreciation and encouragement.”.

Image and report courtesy of RTYC Rohini

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