Day 5 Tibetan Students Hunger-Strike

“On the fifth day of a week-long hunger strike we are much encouraged by their (participants) tireless positive attitude .Most of them are first ever to take such adventurous action in life so far.Still they remained in high spirit and we the team working behind them are energized to work harder. Now the medias are getting more attention over this campaign.Radio Free Asia and French LE MONDE web…site media visited here and took detail information with interview about tibetan youth in general and about this campaign particularly.

Mr Javed Raza ,General Secretary of Janata Dal party visited us with his much empathized heart. He advised us to be continued the struggle by young generation and got his sincere promise to send letter to Chinese embassy and Indian prime minister regarding Chinese military crackdown policy over Tibetan.Mr Tsewang Rigzin president of TYC especially journeyed from Dharamsala to visit us.Tra devi president Amdo Tseyang ,Ta Ta Ga Ta president Mr Kalsang ,Buddha Vihar Complex Madam also visited here to show their support. Number of Tibetan students’visit is the daily base .”

Image/report: RTYC-Rohini

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