News Item, Tibet

Day 7 Hunger-Strike For Tibet Reaches Successful Close


“The hunger strike which began on Chinese National Day, 1st October 2011 by eight Delhi University Tibetan students formally came to end on the foundation day of Tibetan Youth Congress, 7th October 2011. The closing function was attended by venerable Shinza Rinpoche, Tibetan member of parliament Achreya yeshi Phuntsok, TYC international president Mr. Tsewang Rigzen, national general secretary of Indian Youth Wing Mr. Viver Chandan, Welfare officer, residential welfare officer, Tibetan Freedom movement, RTWA and other representatives from welfare societies. In his address to the public, Mr. Palden Sonam, president of RTYC Rohini, Delhi said ”Though the hunger strike comes to an end but it does not mean that our struggle is also over because our struggle is struggle of a nation and people and not the betterment of few concerned individuals”. He also requested a gathering of mostly college students to channelize their dynamic and creative ideas and energy for the cause of their country and not confining them to just pass exams and complete a project. Even if we can’t sacrifice our life but we should be ready to sacrifice our time and energy for the freedom movement. He further emphasized that ”The martyred monks have a message for us that they are always ready to sacrifice their precious life for the cause of the country. And what about you?…those of us in free countries.’ TYC president gave an overview of current situation in Tibet and the nature of so called patriotic re-education campaign and harsh life of the Tibetan political prisoners. He appreciated the participants for their determination and hard work and encouraged the Tibetan youth to be active in our movement. Achreya Yeshi Phuntsok said that ‘This century is a century of youth all over world, be it a demonstration against a dictator, or national movement, it is the power of the youth that changes today’s world and in that case our Tibetan youth should be the engine of the change for the better both in and outside Tibet.” As chief guest Achreya Yeshi Phuntsok broke the hunger strike by giving juice to the participants and it was concluded with a photo session. All the participants went for a medical checkup in Dr. RML hospital and all are declared as fit.”

Report/image courtesy of RTYC-Rohini

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