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RTYC-Baroda Cycle Rally For Tibet

“From March 2011, when monk Phuntsok  immolated himself, shouting slogans for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and religious freedom in Tibet, we have witnessed the acts of self- immolation of ten Tibetans (including 1 woman) succeeding him as a resistance against the repressive rule in Tibet by the Communist China. This clearly shows how China’s oppression in Tibet has forced Tibetans to take such extreme measures, not as a desperate method rather they are showing their very determination and patriotic to prove that “Tibet” shall never die until and unless the whole world comes to an end.

How many more Tibetans will have to pay the price of their lives to be able to live a dignified life in their own land? How many monks will have to immolate themselves in order to practice their faith and religion? ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

Regional Tibetan Youth Congress cum Tibetan Students’ Association, M S University, Baroda, one of the major Tibetan College Students chapters in India is organizing a “Cycle Rally for Tibet” for a week from 27th Oct to 3rd Nov.2011 covering four cities of Gujarat: Vadodara, Ahmadabad, Kheda and Anand. We have 20 Tibetan students participating in this rally to show our solidarity to the freedom struggle movement carrying inside Tibet by our brothers and sisters and to urge for the freedom loving Indian to raise their voice against the justice denial and human rights violation in Tibet by Chinese Government.

Moreover, we strongly feel it is very crucial and therefore, asserting, that the question of Tibet should be a national interest of Indian Government from the security perspective standing right against China. Tibet existed as a buffer state for more than 2000 years between the two Asian biggest countries, India and China, till Communist China invaded and occupied Tibet in 1959.The Sino-India war in 1962, the border issue between the two of North- East India and the river dispute has a great role of Tibet being the buffer state.”

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Information courtesy of RTYC Baroda

Editor’s Note

Although some of the recent self-immolation protests have called for religious freedoms, the main demands have been for Tibet’s independence and the return of the Dalai Lama.

One thought on “RTYC-Baroda Cycle Rally For Tibet

  1. hey guys i am a good person and iwant to join this protest i am with u dawa tsring and all

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