3 thoughts on “European Union: Platitudes To Tibetans-Appeasement To China

  1. I certainly can empathize with the Tibetan people. Still, can you see nothing positive in all of this? On this blog there’s so much negativism, cynicism, and criticism it’s hard to want to listen to your message.

    1. It appears you are an artist or involved in promoting art? Our focus is far removed from the tranquil luxury of a comforting studio, where the muses inspire and creativity flows, we deal with torture, forced sterilizations, slave labor, and interview Tibetans who have endured severe abuse as political prisoners. Our work involves research, lobbying and championing Tibet’s true cause. We also expose and challenge governments, organizations and individuals who distort, censor or ignore the plight of Tibet’s people and the objectives and nature of their struggle. All this and more is realized through the dedication, integrity and good hearts of subscribers and volunteeers who care passionately about Tibetan independence and seek an end to China’s illegal occupation of Tibet. Our work is supported and welcomed by people in many countries and we have a wonderful team of volunteeers on Twitter who have created a large and very active community of supporters and friends. None of this would be possible without a positive and determined spirit, travelling in hope and resolve. May we suggest the ‘positivism’ you seem to require lies most definitely in the courage, sacrifice and hearts of the brave Tibetan people who for over 61 years have resisted China’s violent rule. We are proud to stand in solidarity with them and have thoroughout the site reported upon and reflected that spirit, along with many other items that emphasise the inspiring actions of Tibetans and supporters. We wish you well in your artistic endeavours.

    2. Your most recent reply has not been included as it repeated points already featured in your original post. We have no further comments to add to those contained in our previous reply to you.

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