Nepal’s Bullies Doing China’s Dirty Work

Tibetans in Nepal  virtually under house arrest, one attempts to self immolate

“Nepal heavy handedness in curbing yesterday non-violent solidarity action did not deter Tibetans in Nepal to continue raising their voices as part of the three-day action. Day 2 of the Global Action campaign started with an incense burning ceremony, which was attended by about 200 people with an encouraging speech from Tamding, President of RTYC followed by Lhakar Oath for Tibet. It then launched the blood letter-drive an appeal letter in blood to all the leaders of G 20 urging them to take action outside the gate of the Tibetan camp in Jawalakhel.

As of yesterday, Nepal armed forces have been conducting individual house searches and arresting Tibetans. Tibetans camps have been experiencing a curfew-like situation where many Tibetan are debarred from going out of their houses.  The Tibetan Camps have been turned virtually into a fortress, manned by a robust army of Nepalese Police force. All eyes and guns are busy scanning for Tibetans who participated in yesterday event.  Phone lines are tapped for many in particular of those who are high on their spacious leadar.

Many are literally under house arrest.  It was during such a time, when Tibetans were not even allowed to go to their homes for lunch when Sonam consistent pleas to the police fell on deaf ears.  Feeling utterly frustrated she doused herself with kerosene and was about to light herself up when other members rushed and snatched the lighter away from her.  Police are on the look-out for her and the President of RTYC Kathmandu.

Sonam Chodoen (42) is the same activist who earlier in April 2011, during a hunger strike was humiliated by forcing to strip off her T-shirts that bore the wordings, free Tibet and stop the killings in Tibet and face imprisonment for all the hunger strikers. For the full story visit:

The blood-letter appeal was participated by hundreds of Tibetans to be submitted to all the G-20 countries in Nepal. These include the UK, Finland, Germany, France, the United States, Japan, Austria, Denmark, plus UNHCR and the European Union to take immediate action for Tibet.

Nepal armed forces surrounded the camp ground, blocking all exits and threatened to seize all the blood letters. Some Tibetans became even fell on their knees with hands clasped and begged them to allow this solidarity action to continue.

15 Tibetans who have been detained since yesterday are still in police custody”

Report/image courtesy of TibetanYouth Congress

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