4 thoughts on “Email Your Opposition To Ban Of Tibet’s Flag To India’s Censor

  1. What would Mahatma Ghandhi do in a situation like this? What would have become of India if all the patriots of India cowdown to all the demands of the British? It was not that long ago that India became independent from British rule.It all started with a few patriots who gave their lives for freedom.Ghandji, Bhagat Singh,Sardar Patel,Subhas Chandra Bose and Miraids of other patriots had they not stood up to what they believed India would never have been free. With that in mind I would suggest you take a logical stand in your decision to display the Tibetan Flag in the movie.Or maybe the next thing China will protest for showing anything that is traditionally Tibetan in any movies. Did holly wood cowdown to the Chinese for making Seven years in Tibet, or Kundun? Ask your self before you make your decision.

  2. Did you ever wonder why India opened its doors to the hundred of thousands of Tibetans in the 60s and later on,Why the Tibetan government in Exile is in India and not in any other country. It was all Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s fault. When the Chinese attacked Tibet in late 59 the Tibetan government went to the UN for help but the UN could not or would not help Tibet because Tibet was not a member of the United Nations but India was. So the UN asked India to intervene since it was the closest country to Tibet and China. For what ever reason Nehrus’ stated that this was an internal problem of China and India did not want to get in the midst of it. In other words he just handed the entire country of Tibet and its six million people to the Chinese on a silver platter.He thought if he did that he would be in the good books of the Chinese. He found out the hard way how wrong he was in ’62. When China and India had their first war of several others to follow,when the buffer country of Tibet was no more. I think deep down inside he knew this so the only other way of trying to remedy this was to let the Tibetans come and live in India.!

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