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China’s Welfare Bribery Seeks To Silence Protest

Architecture Of Oppression In Lhasa


Following international attention and concern regarding a spate of self-immolations by Tibetans in Eastern Tibet it seems China’s regime, long troubled by the resistance of monks in occupied Tibet, has decided to try bribery in an effort to pacify increasing dissent. According to a statement released by Chen Quanguo, a recently appointed Communist Party stooge in Tibet, welfare benefits are supposedly to be made available to monks; no doubt with a string of conditions built around a ploy of economic dependence, to be withdrawn for any hint of protest! Like previous efforts to dilute and suppress the movement for Tibet’s independence, this latest move by China entirely fails to address the reality that it’s not social or economic improvements that propels resistance to China’s occupation of Tibet, but a profound desire for national liberation, a collective hope to be free from China’s vicious rule. Until that fundamental aspiration is realized Tibetans witnessing the exploitation and colonization of their land shall continue to protest,

When is communist China going to wake up to the reality that the oppressive weapons of colonialism and expansionist aggression, rather than diluting expressions of dissent and resistance to Chinese rule from Tibetans and Uyghurs, only serve to inflame the desires for national freedom. Nor will the profound sense of national identity felt by those oppressed peoples be extinguished by Beijing’s crude attempts to assimilate by the power of colonization, while numbers alone may impose a foreign Chinese majority, upon Tibetan and Uyghur homelands, that process hardens the sense of opposition and exposes further the injustice of Chinese occupation. Hardly a strategy which will introduce the ‘social stability’, so desperately sought by the communist authorities.

China’s fanatical communist party is oblivious to such reasoning, bemused that the suppressed peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan appear so ungrateful for the dubious benefits of Chinese colonialism, unable to comprehend why it is that, despite claimed investment and development being targeted at those regions, resistance continues, along with a concerted movement to regain national freedom from Chinese rule. However, so psychotically attached to the correctness of its ideology is the regime that it cares little for the fact that such ‘developments’ (designed for the advantage of the occupying Chinese regime and its colonizers) marginalize and oppress Tibetan and Uyghurs. The industrial and commercial exploitation of East Turkestan by the Chinese regime, including the heavy promotion of tourism, has been engineered to extract maximum economic and political advantage, as part of a program of assimilation.

Colonial Constructions Blight Tibet


The truth is that such dominance has not produced a compliant and thankful population, the tawdry baubles of colonial occupation have not convinced the peoples of Tibet or East Turkestan to embrace the supposed superior advantages of Han-Chinese rule, if anything there is a correlation between such ‘development’ and public resistance to Chinese occupation, as witnessed by the independence uprisings in East Turkestan and Tibet in 2009 and 2008 respectively. Yet the communist bureaucrats and social scientists repeat what they consider the regime wishes to hear, and so talk of economic grievances being at the heart of unrest, missing the fact completely that the issue is one of an aspiration of national freedom for Tibetans and Uyghurs. Still the communist Chinese regime applies band aids to haemorrhaging wounds, its occupation has inflicted. Most recently the Chinese authorities have announced another doomed initiative, to invest heavily in promoting the use of the Chinese language among young Uygurs, in another fatuous attempt to pacify opposition to its occupation of that region. Such measures will not remove the desire for freedom, human rights and justice, there is only one solution which will satisfy those demands, and Beijing is petrified to concede that truth.

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