Baroda RTYC Protest On Human Rights Day


“On the world human rights day, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Baroda Chapter organized a protest march in the city of Baroda. More than a hundred students from M.S University and eighty Tibetan traders from  from a nearby market, joined the protest, shouting “Where is the justice,… U.N.O”  “Where are you,..U.N.O “, “Long live, Dalai Lama and “Independence for Tibet”.  The program was witnessed by more than five TV news channels and seven newspapers of both local and English medium press. The day begin with one hour long live prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the occasion of commemoration of 22nd anniversary of Noble peace prize award awarded to His holiness, on 10th Dec 1989. Protest march started from 10 am from Tibetan market, and followed towards the city center of Gandhi Chowk where the march ended successfully.”

Report/image courtesy of RTYC Baroda

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