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RTYC & SFT-Minnesota Boycott Action On China’s Goods

Minneapolis MN – This holiday season, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Minnesota (RTYC-MN) and Students for a Free Tibet Minnesota (SFT-MN) will launch a Boycott Made in China Campaign. This action is designed to level economic pressure on the Chinese government to end its occupation of Tibet. In a coordinated effort to urge people to stop buying goods made in China, we are educating consumers about what their money is supporting when they buy “Made in China.”
The Boycott Made in China Campaign initially launched in 2002, representing a worldwide coalition of Tibetan and Chinese organizations and human rights and labor advocates, plans to put the brakes on China’s crimes through the power of the individual consumer. Campaign organizers believe that, more than any other force that could be bought to bear against China, the latent power of the free, informed and responsible consumer can pressure the world’s last surviving giant Communist dictatorship to allow the Tibetan nation and the Chinese people the freedom they have been long denied. 
Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Chapter of Minnesota and Students for a Free Tibet Minnesota are urging holiday shoppers to be mindful while shopping this holiday season. Members of the two organizations will take this message to the Malls and streets of Minneapolis in the days leading up to Christmas. “We have to inform people that when they spend their money on goods that are Made in China, they are indirectly supporting a communist government that threatens American jobs, economy and security. China has no regard for human rights and social justice either”, says Tenzing Jigme, President of RTYC-MN.

What: Boycott Made in China
When:  22nd Dec 12 Noon at Nicolett Mall 6th Street Downtown Minneapolis and
Dec 23rd 4:30pm at Mall of America Bloomington Minnesota. 
Reasons Not To Buy “MADE IN CHINA” Products:
1. Products Made in Forced Labor Camps
2. Human rights violations in China are long-standing problems
3. Sweeping Repression of All Religions
4. Nationwide Forced Abortions and Sterilizations
5. Indiscriminate and Widespread Use of the Death Penalty
6. Commercial Harvesting of Transplant Organs of Executed Prisoners
7. Routine Torture of Prisoners
8. State Psychiatric Persecution of Political Prisoners
9. Military Occupation and Cultural Genocide in Tibet
10.World’s Tightest Internet Censorship
11. Spread of Nuclear Weapons to Rogue States and Terrorists

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