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SF-RTYC Vigil For Tibet’s Martyrs December 23

Tashi delek all,

SFRTYC is hosting a Candle light vigil on Friday, December 23 to stand in solidarity and support for the voice that was raised inside Tibet by our fellow brothers and sisters in self-immolating themselves.

There’s 12 self-immolation in total and it’s o…ur utmost duty to make sure the sacrifice that they committed or the torture that they endure under the brutal Chinese regime and policies do not go in vain. Through Candle light vigil, we’re trying to raise awareness about the Tibet incidence and issues to the outside world in order to seize and capture the world’s attention.

So please join us this Friday with your friends and spread the words out.

WHAT: Candle Light Vigil
WHEN: Friday, December 23 @ 7:00- 8:30pm
WHERE: Downtown Berkeley BART Station

Info: courtesy of SFRTYC/Images:googlemaps

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