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Urgent Action For Tibetan Protester Namkha Gyaltsen

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We are launching an action in support of a Tibetan arrested on January 25 for distributing pro-Tibet leaflets at Barkhor Square in Lhasa, occupied Tibet. According to information from the Tibetan Center For Human Rights and Democracy  TCHRD and Dossier Tibet:

‘The arrest of Namkha Gyaltsen, aged 25, happened at around 5 pm (Tibet Local Time) on 25 January 2012. Sources informed TCHRD that police officers arrested Namkha Gyaltsen near the Nang-tse-shak building at Barkhor as he distributed leaflets that contained slogans for the swift return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibet.Namkha Gyaltsen was born in Golog area of Amdo in Eastern Tibet.’


We would ask all our friends and subscribers to please join our campaign to support Namkha by taking part in any of the   following actions:

1) Contact your Senator, MEP or MP and request the write to the Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in your country to demand that China respect the human rights and welfare of Namkha Gyaltsen

2) Alternatively you can write a letter of concern in support of Namkha directly to the the Chinese Embassy in your country, contact details here

3) You can also support Namkha by expressing your concern to

Ms Navanethem Pillay  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights:

To: Ms Barbara Lochbihler,Chair,
Sub-Committee on Human Rights, European Parliament

2 thoughts on “Urgent Action For Tibetan Protester Namkha Gyaltsen

  1. I have been following the concerns of the Tibetan People for over 50 years, and as a Canadian person, I am concerned as to why this important global issue is still unresolved. If the truth was the foundation for China’s conflicts with Tibet, would not all of these issues be put to rest? As China is a powerful nation, there must be a profound reason as to why the Tibet issue is not yet resolved. The world is waiting for China to take a much more honest, and a more functional stance, which will recognize Tibet as a free and sovereign State in our global community.

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