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Beijing’s Broadcaster Compliant On Distorting Truth On Tibet


Our colleagues at @tibettruth have been exposing how mainstream media is peddling China’s propaganda on Tibet and have been given tremendous support from many friends and subscribers on Twitter. One such person  @PaulBarasi wrote a formal complaint to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and has very kindly provided a copy, which is posteed below.

“BBC place ‘balanced fair accurate reporting’ above truth and won’t accept responsibility for the impact of what and how you report. Your webpage “The Tibet issue” is deplorable: giving China ‘s position, acting as their mouthpiece when they are world’s biggest spenders on lying propaganda and deny free speech themselves. What you report gets tweeted round the world as headlines like ” China blasts Tibet clash hype” giving people a false perspective. To cover Tibet by what both sides say is as wrong as giving the Nazi position on why the Jews must be exterminated, but presumably BBC thinks that would have been right too.  

Continuous violation by the Chinese Government of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and their own law code is not drawn out in your reports, nor the background of disappearances, torture, enforced sterilization and persecution by China in occupied Tibet as falling under the UN definition of  ‘crimes against humanity’.

 BBC is one reason why the Government gets away with taking such a weak position. BBC colludes by failing to challenge Government on the many questions that need asking (why the FCO response to the shootings was so little, so late, weaker than US, made by a minister not the Foreign Secretary and then not followed up; why they place trade above human rights; why they refuse to support Tibet’s independence  …). In rejecting this complaint, doubtless you will supply transcripts of programmes asking Ministers such questions.”

One thought on “Beijing’s Broadcaster Compliant On Distorting Truth On Tibet

  1. Paul an excellent letter to the BBC. I like you have written and complained about their coverage re BBC Newsnight coverage in January over 2 nights on China’s growth and freedom issues. Never once was Tibet mentioned.
    Keep up the good work

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