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China’s Guardian?


We have been giving exposure to mainstream media’s relationship with China’s regime and its willingness to act as a conduit for China’s propaganda on Tibet, which regularly features across internet reports. newspaper articles and television bulletins. To this end we have again received awesome support from @tibettruth on Twitter and their legions of friends and activists, one such person @PaulBarasi felt sufficiently angered by such misrepresentation and disinformation that he wriote a letter of complaint to British newspaper,The Guardian, a copy of which we received and is reproduced below. If you agree with the concerns raised by the author and wish to express your disappointment that a paper of such standing is distorting the facts on Tibet, you can tweet them at @Guardian


“I deplore the values of your journalism that paints Xi Jinping as an Affable, Polite and Kind Prince Charming and then doesn’t even leave space for comment.

Xi Jinping represents a regime that has murdered over 1m Tibetans, that breaks every article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that commits crimes against humanity both inside China and in occupied Tibet . Now, as part of our free press you have the freedom to bat for a regime that denies free speech to the point of false imprisonment, torture and disappearance of Chinese journalists and also of Tibetans even for writing a poem. Xi Jinping is a leader of that regime.

What I expect from the press is not quoting Chinese officials nor regurgitating China ’s propaganda with China says this and denies that, even to the point of reporting events in Tibet as happening instead in China , or West China, or Sichuan or Tibetan regions, or areas of high Tibetan ethic minorities. 

I expect responsible reporting and you can make a start on that by actually reporting how many Chinese armed police and troops are now in occupied Tibet . I expect the media to be challenging the government on why since the latest Tibetan crisis started our foreign office has issued just one short statement from a junior minister and refuses to respond to correspondence. To ask why the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have yet to even say the word ” Tibet ” but seemingly believe a Syrian life is worth more than a Tibetan’s.  To ask the Foreign Secretary what happened to the manifesto pledge of “our approach to foreign affairs is based on a belief in freedom, human rights and democracy,” and to ask the Prime Minister how he is carrying out the Coalition: Our Programme for Government on seeking “closer engagement with China, while standing firm on human rights in all our bilateral relationships.

The majority of British people support a free independent Tibet . Yet we have both a press and a freely elected government that still will not stand up to China and speak up for a brutally oppressed peaceful people who should be free to determine their own future, including by having a freely elected government of their own. The Guardian can do better on reporting Tibet and China and indeed, the Guardian must do far better than whitewashing Chinese brutally oppressive leaders.”

We are very happy, for the purpose of balance, to invite the Guardian to present here its position on reporting on Tibet and would be most interested to note its response to the questions being raised on Twitter concerning a pro-China bias.

2 thoughts on “China’s Guardian?

  1. Well done Paul and Tibettruth. I totally endorse every word. If you read the newspapers, review the BBC and Government departments there is a single constant strand. All are afraid of the economic political power of China. Tibet is being erased from the publics minds.

    14 Feb 10 pm my twitter account has been suspended no reason, who’s paranoid now. Perhaps I ask to many questions to Whitehouse, no 10, FCO, BBC, The press ??

    Keep up the excellent work

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