New York Cops Bullying Tibetan Hunger Strikers

Graphic: Courtesy of @tibettruth Image:lhaksam

We cannot permit the noble and peaceful sacrifices of these Tibetan hunger-strikers to be treated in such a bullying and disgraceful manner, please join us in sending a formal complaint regarding the harrassment of this orderly expression of democratic dissent and freedom to protest to:

Joan Thompson
Executive Director
Civilian Complaint Review Board

Short Online Form Here

For SpecificComplaints Against The Behaviour, Attitude Or Actions of An Identified NYPD Officer

Online Form Here


  1. Hello All:

    Please note that complaints about police misconduct may also be filed with the Civilian Complaint Review Board by calling 1-800-341-2272 or 311.

    Yanki Tshering


    1. Great shout. Come on people, assert what rights are left and make a note of police names and numbers, record the time, nature of any incidents.


  2. I might to say this to late,but cops doesn’t want to do those thing and if u know NYPD is very stressful job.but somebody have to do,they are not against what we do,they are just doing their job.sorry if u don’t like it but democracy doesn’t mean that they should have a low.


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