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New York Cops Bullying Tibetan Hunger Strikers

Graphic: Courtesy of @tibettruth Image:lhaksam

We cannot permit the noble and peaceful sacrifices of these Tibetan hunger-strikers to be treated in such a bullying and disgraceful manner, please join us in sending a formal complaint regarding the harrassment of this orderly expression of democratic dissent and freedom to protest to:

Joan Thompson
Executive Director
Civilian Complaint Review Board

Short Online Form Here

For SpecificComplaints Against The Behaviour, Attitude Or Actions of An Identified NYPD Officer

Online Form Here

6 thoughts on “New York Cops Bullying Tibetan Hunger Strikers

  1. Hello All:

    Please note that complaints about police misconduct may also be filed with the Civilian Complaint Review Board by calling 1-800-341-2272 or 311.

    Yanki Tshering

    1. Great shout. Come on people, assert what rights are left and make a note of police names and numbers, record the time, nature of any incidents.

  2. I might to say this to late,but cops doesn’t want to do those thing and if u know NYPD is very stressful job.but somebody have to do,they are not against what we do,they are just doing their job.sorry if u don’t like it but democracy doesn’t mean that they should have a low.

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