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China Gets Hacked For Tibet’s Independence


A report in today’s Cyber War News reveals another action from Anonymous Dutch hacker, poltergeisth4cker, that targeted a number of Chinese websites, replacing the homepage with the ‘Free Tibet’ message above. Such activism is naturally well received by those supporting human rights, justice and independence for Tibet, and given China’s violent suppression of free speech and its shameful record on Internet espionage, cyber warfare on Twitter and its draconian control over domestic internet usage, others will greet this latest development with loud applause. Can we expect other Chinese portals to come under the scrutiny of Anonymous? You betcha!

7 thoughts on “China Gets Hacked For Tibet’s Independence

  1. Thank you! Thank you & Well Done!
    So very sad by the lack of empathy, the total “Sound of Silence” by Ms Bachelet and the the entire @UN_Women Organization. Chinese Communists Barbaric “Policy” of Forced Sterilizations & not one word, not one response from any woman belonging to this “Women’s Health” Summit! As a woman I feel shame and disgust! And then, a ray of joy ~ a moment of great Hope! I love this Hacker! She/He I thank you so much!

    What does the Hacker have planned, just what for the “Ides of March!” I can’t wait!

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