2 thoughts on “Day 12 For Tibetan Hunger-Strikers Outside The UN

  1. Please urge these monks to end their strike. I fear they will die just as the Irish hunger strikers died in 1981. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1981_Irish_hunger_strike The UN will not take any meaningful stand, nor will the US government as we are in a weakened financial position with China.

    Tibetans might consider following the Irish who left their land due to oppression from the English & came to America. Perhaps their effort might be directed towards legal immigration for all Tibetans due to political & religious oppression.

    We need change for the Tibetans but not through the violence of self immolation or starvation. Perhaps if the Dali Llama were to to undertake a hunger strike it might have some impact on world leaders but these poor monks are just like lambs led to slaughter & I urge you to help end their strike. Their point has been made & is noted by those who care and love freedom.

    1. Shane, thanks for your contribution, it is of course troubling to witness such action, and the points you raise will be appreciated by others. We must though also respect the individual determination and sacrifices, embodied by the selfless actions of these three Tibetans, however painful, or challenging the objectives, we hope that people may respect their freedom to choose this path.

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