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Delhi’s Tibetan Students In UN Protest


Today under the leadership of RTYC Rohini and Samye Ling, Delhi Tibetan people staged a protest at UN Information Centre, New Delhi  in solidarity with the people in Tibet and in support of the three Tibetans who are on indefinite hunger strike at UN headquarter in New York to draw the attention of the United Nations to the tense situation inside Tibet and take some concrete steps to address genuine problems of Tibet. There were around two hundred people gathered at the main gate shouting slogans like “UN: Tibet is burning, UN: we need your response and UN: we need justice”.


Some college  young students tried to jump over the police  barricades placed in front of the gate out of their frustration and even a boy stoned himself on head and blood ran like rivulet on his face. Most of the girls are tears in and the moving scene honestly expresses the growing frustration and impatience within the exile Tibetan Diaspora and specially among the young generation.


Three members of RTYC Delhi gave a petition letter  to the chairman of the UN Information Centre to be sent to the general secretary of UN and asked the same person to convey their message to the UN chief. After shouting for almost two hours the crowd dispersed after singing the Tibetan national anthem.

Report and images courtesy of RTYC Rohini

2 thoughts on “Delhi’s Tibetan Students In UN Protest

    1. There is a lot of evidence to support your assertion. We have included the link you provided for the interest of our visitors, although it is not entirely relevant to the subject of the post, namely the protest of Tibetan students at the UN in Delhi

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