A Great Day For Tibet: Now Let’s Get Really Active!

March 10 was an awesome day of international action for Tibet, respect to those who made sure that the Tibetan cause for independence was raised loud and clear. From India, across Europe to the USA the national flag of Tibet was raised to remind the world that the struggle for national liberation goes on. There were so many wonderful events, however we have featured the rally in Madison, Wisconsin, to share with you a flavor of the determination and objectives of Tibet’s true cause.

“Almost around 300 local Tibetans joined this March 10th 2012. One the most successful rallies here in Madison so far. We got the proclamation by Governor of WI Scott Walker. that this date be held as ‘Tibet Day’ here in Wisconsin. Our program started at 10:30. Tibet’s flag was raised by Madison Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, a great supporter of the Tibetan cause, who presented a strong speech on the oppression by the Chinese government.


Following other supportive speeches we marched towards the Madison capital square. There were more than three thousand local protesters, and we took this great opportunity to share information on the Tibetan Uprising Commemoration among them. We chanted Long Live His Holiness The Dalai Lama, China Out Of Tibet Now, Free Tibet Now, UN Sleeping Tibetans Are Dying, and Boycott Made In China. and handed out thousands of fliers to the public, it was a great turnout and positive day for Tibet!”


Report courtesy of: Kunchok Gonpo. RTYC-WI President

5 thoughts on “A Great Day For Tibet: Now Let’s Get Really Active!

  1. Very, very proud my brothers. You did wonderful job. We find people doing good jobs around the world. Thank you Wisconsin. Thank You Mr Scott Walker, H.E the Governor of Wisconsin for proclaiming and observance of 10th March 2012 as Tibet Day throughout the state of Wisconsin. There is light through the tunnel. Thank You ” Tibet Truth”. Yours is a blog, I read every day. We are 5 friends right now here in Canada peering and appreciating the Wisconsin Governor’s Tibet Day proclamation letter on your blog. Thank You so much.

  2. Thanks to Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor for shining a light on the need to show international respect for Tibet and her people. Today there was a rally in Union Square in NYC, I’m not sure what happened here yet, but looking forward to your next blog.

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