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Another Day Dawns For Tibetan Hunger Strikers


Day 24 approaches for the Tibetan Hunger-Strikers and the impact of their nearly month long fast is increasingly telling, yet despite the obvious physical discomforts and distress, the determination to press the United Nations for a positive and genuine response to the situation inside occupied Tibet remains as strong as ever. When asked about recent comments from the UN regarding the presence and condition of the three Tibetans protesting outside the UN Headquarters in East Manhattan, Yeshi Tenzin, one of the Hunger Strikers replied:

“If the UN Secretary General is genuinely worried about our health as said by his spokesperson yesterday, then he must talk the walk and come down here to acknowledge our presence and respond to our 5 point appeals. Either I die here or Ban Ki-moon comes here”,

4 thoughts on “Another Day Dawns For Tibetan Hunger Strikers

  1. The UN is supposed to represent all nations. Tibet is an independent nation that deserves representation from the UN.

    The United States government should force the UN to recognize the plight of the Tibetian nation.

    President Obama, please recognize these people and what they stand for.
    Remember July 4, l776.

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