Does The UN Want The Deaths Of Tibetan Activists On Its Doorstep?


After 25 days without food the deteriorating condition of the Tibetan Hunger-Strikers is becoming painfully visible, the eldest Dorje Gyalpo, being helped above is finding it difficult to move unaided, while Shingza Rinpoche & Yeshi Tenin are spending time in an exhausted state, grossly weakened by their selfless protest for Tibet.

Across the road from this action, inside the marbled corridors of the United Nations, the urgency to offer a positive and meaningful response to the legitimate appeals made by the Hunger-Strikers must surely be making itself known to the offices of the Secretary General. These brave Tibetans are seeking from Ban ki Moon UN support for  justice, freedom and human rights  for Tibet’s oppressed people, and are requesting the implementation of  the following:

1. Send a fact-finding delegation to assess the critical situation in Tibet

2. Pressure China to stop the undeclared martial law in Tibet

3. Pressure China to allow international media to investigate and report on the ongoing atrocities in Tibet

4. Pressure China to release all political prisoners including Gedun Choekyi Nyima and Tulku Tenzin Delek

5. Pressure China to stop the so-called patriotic re-education campaign in Tibet.

We hope all of friends, readers and subscribers will wish to support that just cause and lobby the Secretary General by  signing and sharing the petition released by the Tibetan Youth Congress.

Please stand with the Tibetan Hunger-Strikers.Thank You

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