Who’s Behind NYPD Raid On Tibetan Hunger Strikers?


The decision yesterday by the New York Police Department to forcefully remove to hospital Mr Dorje Gyalpo, a Tibetan Hunger-Striker, who has been without food for 27 days outside the United Nations in East Manhattan poses some interesting questions. Not least of all, was this intervention based entirely upon humanitarian concern for the health of this brave Tibetan, or was it a result of less observable political considerations? To address that we need to assess which parties benefit from seeing an end to this protest, most obvious is China’s Regime, ever sensitive to the issue of Tibet, quietly it must be incandescent with rage to witness, at the very doors of the UN, a demonstration reminding the world of its genocidal occupation of Tibet. Interestingly the Chinese authorities have maintained a singular silence on the event, behind the scenes though it is not unlikely that they are exerting various pressures  at their disposal to undermine and end the Hunger Strike. To that end their economic and political influence is considerable, more so within the United States, a nation in financial slavery to China, it has many friends within mainstream media, does that partly explain what has been a virtual news blackout on the Tibetan protest? What can be said with certainty is that China’s Ministry of Disinformation  is engaged in an ideological war relating to Tibet, the last thing it wishes to see is media exposure of a high profile protest highlighting China’s tyranny in Tibet. Meanwhile, within the United Nations China’s presence, as a permanent member of the Security Council, is formidable, its representatives would be un-sleeping in efforts to dilute and distract whatever limited support or sympathy as may (or not) exist with the UN towards the Hunger Strike.


Which brings us to contender number two, the UN itself, in what way would this troubled institution gain from an end to the protest opposite its Headquarters? Well, in terms of public relations, a subject of major importance to that organization, the presence of the Tibetan hunger-strikers, and the demands of the Tibetan Youth Congress is exposing, with greater clarity as each day passes, the shameful lack of action or support extended to Tibet by the United Nations. The fact that these Tibetans were forced, through the silence and callous indifference of the UN, to offer their lives to appeal for their attention and action is colossal indictment. As people around the world read of the sacrifices of these courageous Tibetans, in peaceful demonstration, the questions grow louder. Why has not the United Nations helped the people of Tibet? Why are Tibetans being tortured and killed, yet the UN does and says nothing?


In addition to these uncomfortable questions for Ban Ki Moon his office is also disadvantaged by the truth of Tibet’s cause, the fact it was an independent nation, invaded and illegally occupied by China,  and the reasonable, yet politically demanding nature of the objectives being pressed by the Hunger Strike. These call upon the United Nations to go beyond the usual platitudes and sympathy, usually directed to Tibetans, by pressurizing China to end its violent repression of Tibet, its people and culture. Now the Secretary General and his office are entirely resistant to even considering that course of action, because in so doing they would be inviting major political repercussions from China, that would prove highly disruptive within the United Nations. Furthermore they are able, when challenged by appeals such as those being made by Tibetans, to hide behind a central pillar of UN orthodoxy, which is non-interference within a member state (unless of course it is Iran or some other target of interest of the United States). Yet the demand for action is given a very public and intensified profile by the Hunger Strike, it crystallizes the apathy of the United Nations towards Tibet and exposes for all to see, an accommodation towards China based on double-standards and political self-interest, in which its atrocities against Tibetans are largely ignored. Clearly this is tubful of dirty washing that the Secretary General would prefer was not laundered on the sidewalk opposite his administrative center! Given such sensitivities would the forcible removal of Mr Dorje Gyalpo, by the NYPD, be welcomed by Ban Ki Moon? Does the prospect of this protest being ended avoid difficult politics for the United Nations, and in terms of public profile, evade it being seen as uncaring towards Tibetans and appeasing of China?


While both China and the administration of the United Nations have motive and a political desire to end the Tibetan Hunger Strike, we must remember that any efforts to do so, or undermine its presence cannot be realized without the political and logistical support of the New York authority, its police department, Mayor Bloomberg’s office, and indeed at a higher level, and probably ultimately more significant the State Department, no doubt irritated by an action it knows is causing difficulties for its Chinese counterparts. Are such forces conspiring to stifle the protest? What of the right to peaceful demonstration? Has a decision been reached that it’s politically expedient to have these inspiring Tibetans locked away in a hospital away from the UN Headquarters? What do you think?


  1. Very important -key-questions being asked here
    Outrageous for the NYPD to forcefully remove him against his will.
    Thank you for the great article, please keep us updated on the situation
    I am quite surprised there isnt web or street cams being set up, we are so many worldwide wanting to follow the developments closely but having no possibility to be in New York at this time.
    I pray for the Hunger strikers and all Tibetans may this struggle end soon and all your wishes for a free Tibet succeed!!!! Free Tibet!!! Bhod Gyalo Tara Arya Manghalam Denmark


      1. please do put up livestreaming.webcam…its so important..lets make it happen…
        TYC…we cam do it….get the help

      2. Tsewang la has set up a Livestream account, but unfortunately it is not active 24/7. We agree it would be really helpful to have this important protest live, so the world could witness the courage and message of truth from these Tibetan heroes

    1. I agree with Sara. Having live stream cameras would make room for the type of exposure that this issue needs. Tweeting, face booking, craigslisting, yahoo posting,…..the list of sites to post this within goes on and on. This can get viral very fast. That will attract other media attention. You warriors hang in there.


  2. really true! Is u.n really became deaf, or blind? Dat dey didnt see or hear abt human right violation in tibet.is da name international peace n security org .is just for da sake of name only without doing duties. U.n is just like stone statue without soul inside. Bt our struggle n aspiration wil neva die until we get ‘free tibet!. N i do belive tibet wil be free! Bod gyalo!


  3. Obviously, Red China is behind to remove Mr. Dorjee Gyalpo ( 27 days, hunger striker) not by choice but rather by force by nypd.In my opinion, one hand, it is extremely shame and sad that in CC P could have such an influence and use police of New York like traitors even country like USA which was founded for champion of justice, freedom, and democracy. on other hands, I totally comprehend myself for two reasons why Nypd had act that way is because A they must had order from top of the ladders and B it all comes down to the thing called money which China is willing to spend to prevent freedom people like Tibetans speak against their brutal regime. you know what money talks, bullshit walks these days every where in this planet. so It did not surprise me at all . May peace and happiness around the World…………………


    1. I am sure political pressure was behind it. But I do think that there is more to it on New York City’s part. On the part of the legal reasons why they probably believed that they had the right to take him would be the matter of his health. With him not eating for that many days, it could be seen as a willingness to commit suicide, which is very illegal here and is something that the city would be legally (and morally) obligated to stop. If they did not do anything and he had actually died out there, NYC WOULD be able to be held legally responsible and liable to lawsuits or even criminal charges for not attempting to stop what would be regarded as a slow suicide. So it puts the city into a legal and moral bind because they legally can not just allow someone to die out there on purpose and the fact that this was going on for nearly the full month absolutely put his health in danger. Does that mean I LIKE the city’s choice????…NO!! But any political influence that did not want those protestors out there would have only to point out that fact of that legal liability to the city if the man died. I very much feel like they had the right to be out there. They are true WARRIORS for the Tibetan people. But the city unfortunately has legal obligations that tie their hands into the influence of the UN nation you’ve mentioned.


  4. thanks for the article ..they all have vessted interest…n we should not let it block our way…n make our case more clear n broader base by doing what we r capable..so pls conithue blogging n fbing so the rest of the world hear us..as each one of us falls yet our fighting spirit n yearning for freetibet goes on energising for future tibet…they r distracters pls forget them n let lead in the front fo r we r free tibet


  5. You guys really are warriors by the way. A person who is willing to stand up and protect his people, even at the risk of his well being, is a warrior. The people who are native to our America lived with that understanding about warriors. You are todays warriors for the Tibetan nation. Aho Mitake ‘Oysin (All my relations) (this is Lakota and it is a recognition that all of us are related…you are saying ‘all my relations’ …’all my relatives’). Peace to you my brothers and sisters of Tibet. I pray for a swift, intelligent, heart felt solution for healing the pain that the Tibetan people are experiencing.


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