Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Day 28 As Mainstream Media Finally Report On Hunger-Strike


As visitors may have read, our colleagues over on @tibettruth have been extremely active in spreading news about the Tibetan Hunger-Strike, currently outside the United Nations building in East Manhattan. We have also been asking mainstream media why it has so far chosen to offer virtually no coverage of this inspiring and moving protest. It was entirely understandable therefore that Tibetans were encouraged to see yesterday the arrival of a CNN news team at the Hunger Strike, as it provided an important opportunity to reach a wide audience on their demands to the United Nations regarding China’s viciouis occupation of Tibet. Now that such a major media player has reported many will be hoping other news channels will also report the protest, we trust that any such coverage allows these courageous Tibetan voices to be heard and that mainstream media will not color such reports with any pro-China bias.


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