Tibetans Determined To Press UN Despite NYPD Action


“The forced removal of Dorjee Gyalpo la from the hunger strike site by NYPD yesterday has neither deterred nor dampened the spirit of the two remaining hunger strikers. In fact, it has further strengthened their resolve to continue to knock on the doors of the UN.

When asked today by Richard Roth of CNN (UN Correspondent) whether he is ready to die at the hunger strike site, Shingza Rinpoche replied, “if the UN truly does not value human life, I have no regrets to die here for my country and I will be proud of it”.

Yeshi Tenzing said this to CNN today, “I think the international community and the UN is not paying enough attention to our issue because ours is a non-violent struggle and Chinese pressure”.

More Tibetans than usual visited the hunger strike site to show their solidarity. Many have also come forward to take the place of Dorjee Gyalpo la but we have declined the offers for now. Thank you to the Tibetan Children of Boston for sending personal messages and drawings to show their solidarity with the hunger strikers. Thank you Tibetan Association of Colorado for the generous donation. CNN, Al-Jazeera and New Yorker visited the hunger strikers today following a visit by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) yesterday”.

Report: Courtesy of Tsewang Rangzen

One Comment

  1. For Vens. Shingzi Rinpoche and Yeshi Tenzing and Dorjee Gyalpo: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayu Buni Jana Pushtim Kuruye Soha . . .
    What is stopping the NYPD from removing each of these devoted ones with the excuse of hospitalization? I pray the UN powers immediately turn compassionate eyes and action-filled efforts to better monitor and act on human rights abuses concerning Tibetans being abused by the Chinese Government . . . millions of exiled people with no land of their own.


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