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Thank You

With an assurance from the United Nations, detailed today in a communication to the Tibetan Youth Congress, that it will appoint its officials to investigate the situation inside occupied Tibet and has reportedly requested a meeting with China’s government to discuss the situation, the hunger strike has been ended, having achieved major elements of the demands it sought from the UN.

Tibettruth wishes to express its admiration, respect and congratulations to the three Tibetan hunger-strikers for their remarkable protest, in addition we must recognize and applaud the tireless work and leadership of the Tibetan Youth Congress and in particular its President, Tsewang la. It has been an amazing journey over the last thirty days, inspirational, emotionally difficult but always determined to ensure Tibet’s true cause would be heard.We could not have realized te progress made without the 24/7 support of all at @tibettruth and so many wonderful friends on Twitter and Facebook. To each of you gratitude and respect.

7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Hopefully………. the UN will investigate and do something………… not just turn their back to Tibet and support China. If this hunger strike strike has really gotten the right official attentions………..!


    1. We shall be watching those developments with a very careful eye and as always shall keep visitors and subscribers to our Blog up to date on how this progresses.

  2. I am so happy to see a mark in the win column for the Tibetan people without it having progressed to further deterioration of the health or deaths of these three heroes. Well done!

    Bod Rangzen!

  3. So thankfull to all the pawo’s that did the hunger strike and Hope you all fell better soon.We will never forget this moment. WooW UNITED NATION IT IS ABOUT A TIME TO LISTEN TO TIBETAN’S. United Nation TIBETAN’s are not killing themself because they are hungry for food,or don’t have a shelter. Tibetan’s are killing themself because they have no freedom and Return of Dalai Lama to Tibet. Hope the world would listen to Tibetan’s crying voice. Thank you agian for the pawo’s.

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