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Update: Tibetan Hunger Strike Reportedly Ended

We are getting a report that having received a response, in the form of a formal communication from the United Nations, the Tibetan Youth Congress has called of its 30 day hunger -strike outside UN Headquarters in New York. A senior UN official is reported a response to the demands made by the three hunger -strikers, although the contents have not yet been made available. Soon as we have details shall post a further update.


It now seems confirmed that the Hunger Strike has been ended following an assurance from the United Nations, in a communication handed to the Hunger Strikers, that UN special rapporteurs have been requested to investigate the situation in Tibet, and reportedly called for meeting with Chinese government, according to the letter from the UN. Details to follow


2 thoughts on “Update: Tibetan Hunger Strike Reportedly Ended

  1. Congratulations!!!! This is excellent news thanks to the 3 hungerstrikers efforts!!! And thanks to YOU Tsewang Rangzen and the TYC for its tireless hundred percent dedication and very hard work !!! The Winners are the the 3 hunger strikers!! TYC The Tibetan People and all who believe in truth and justice will prevail!!!

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