UN Meets Tibetan Demands: Today We Celebrate-Tommorow We Scrutinize


Mr Parfait Onanga representative of the UN Secretary General and Richard Bennett Representative of the UN Human Rights Office accompany Tsewang la,President of the Tibetan Youth Congress, to deliver the official response to the demands made by the Hunger Strikers.


Shingza Rinpoche holding to account the assurances of the UN to appoint an investigation into the situation inside Tibet and arrange a meeting with China’s government to discuss the plight of Tibetans. In the photo to the right is an image of Dorje Gyalpo, fellow hunger-striker, who was forcibly removed to hospital by the NYPD.


After thirty days on hunger-strike and with a positive response from the UN to their demands on Tibet,Shingza Rinpoche and Yeshi Tenzing are escorted away for a medical check-up.


Tsewang Rigzin la, President of The Tibetan Youth Congress, a remarkable job done, relieved that further suffering was avoided and looking forward to the manifestation of the assurances realized by the incredible actions of Shingza Rinpoche, Dorje Gyalpo and Yeshi Tenzing,


  1. Thank you, Thank you ~ Collectively You Helped Save Lives Last Night! With the work of so many loving people I believe there are strong opportunities for immediate action & support. I truly hope we can use this opportunity to show the world (videos, etc.) of the Tibetan Horror. We have a little attention, I hope we can grasp hold and keep it. Once the global population sees the Horror, I know we will gain empathy and support! With public awareness ( as with Syria) I know goals will be achieved, suffering decreased…


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