Thousands Of Tibetans Attend Funeral Of Jamphel Yeshi


Thousands of Tibetans gathered today in the North Indian hill town of Dharamsala to pay their last respects to Tibetan martyr, Jamphel Yeshi, who died following his self-immolation protest in New Delhi.


Goodbye Jamphel la, your name and sacrifice shall live on in the ongoing struggle for Tibet’s true cause

One Comment

  1. It hurts to see brave youth forced to such steps. I pray for Jampel Yeshela and all the other Pawos auspicious rebirth .. I say thank you from deepest of my heart for your sacrifice but it does set a powerful sign supporting our struggle. But I say also please inspire our youth that they have to live to go on and to achieve what you all died for. Please inspire our children that living heroes are needed from now on … Bhod Gyalo!


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