Ireland On Its Knees To China’s Tyranny


Ireland, a nation still not fully unified as an independent state, with its Northern lands remaining under occupation by the Crown forces of Britain, has a centuries long tradition of seeking national freedom. Its people suffered for centuries foreign domination, Irish culture, language and national identity were subject to violent repression, the Irish denied their native soil, colonized and exploited  Such a history has nurtured in Irish hearts a profound support towards human rights, justice and freedom and created a genuine solidarity towards those who are oppressed and denied their national freedom. Apart that is from its present Government, lead by Enda Kenny, who during last week’s visit to Beijing happily dropped to his knees before China’s tyrants, to declare that Ireland has always respected, what the Chinese Communist Party terms, its ‘One China Policy’ (a propaganda fabrication to justify its colonialist occupation of nations such as Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and Manchuria).


In so doing Ireland’s Prime Minister was effectively denying the Tibetans right to independence and conceding that Tibet is part of China, pragmatism has replaced conscience and ethics as the heartbeat of Ireland’s foreign policy. Some excuse such craven appeasement of China by claiming Ireland’s simply following a European Union, yet whatever interpretative denial or pragmatic arguments used to explain away the troubling absence of moral principle within Enda Kenny’s Government the reality is that in occupied Tibet the long suffering Tibetans continue to endure a vicious and illegal occupation, under China’s bloody maw.

It has not crossed the conscience of an Irish Government, that promotes economic trade with China over the human rights and freedoms of Tibetans, to recall that when Ireland was part of the ‘One UK Policy’, the only way to end the suffering, oppression and assault upon Ireland’s people, was to challenge the lie of such a policy and  restore Irish independence. Sadly not only has Enda Kenny abandoned any moral dimension to foreign policy but he has also forgotten the history of his own nation and the principles and sacrifices upon which its independence was regained.

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