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Oh India! What Became Of Democracy?


Mr. Chime Youngdung (Second from left, above) the President of National Democratic Party of Tibet (NDPT) with his team was arrested and imprisoned for 4 days in Tihar Jail and released on 30th March 2012.  The arrest took place on 27th March afternoon while on their way to MP flats in South Avenue of New Delhi for lobbying Indian Parliamentarian. Mr Youngdung was arrested along with Ven Gendun Gyatso, Rigzin Dorjee, and Ms. Tenzin Nordhey.

The lobbying program were initiated aftermath of Mr. Inder Singh Namdari, Member of Parliament, raised a question on ongoing self-immolations in Tibet during Stared Question hour at Indian Lok Sabha. Another member of parliament, Mr. Shivanand Tiwari had also stated in Parliament that Tibet with whom Indians shares strong cultural and spiritual relationship is now facing critical time with many monks and nuns self immolating themselves which is not a suicide case at all. We have not taken any reaction regarding this critical issue in Tibet.

Prior to the arrest, the team headed by President of NDPT and Mr. Lukar Jam, the Vice-president of Gu-Chu-Sum, had lobbied many eminent Indian Parliamentarian who are in the Committee of External Affairs of Parliament to raise the Tibet issue and the urgent crisis in Tibet during the ongoing Parliament session, such as, Shri. Anand Kumar, Shri. Pardeep Kumar Singh and Shri. Rajendrasinh Rana of Bhartiya Janata Party, Shri.K.S. Alagiri of Congress Party and Shri.T.K.S.Elangovan of DMK Party. All the Indian Members of Parliament assured their full support to the Tibetan cause and pledge to raise the Tibet issue in parliament session.

Report  Courtesy of NDPT

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