Will International Parliamentarians Hear Tibetan Heartbeat?

Canada's Parliament To Host Convention On Tibet


On April 27 to 29  Parliamentarians from around the world will attend the 6th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet which is being held in the Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. This international gathering will convene to promote efforts by the exiled Tibetan Administration to negotiate a solution on Tibet with China’s regime. In essence what these international politicians endorse is a proposal, first conceived by the Dalai Lama, which abandons Tibet’s right to nationhood and independence for an autonomy under Chinese rule.

There are many serious questions raised by this dangerous compromise, most notably why is such a strategy being advocated when inside occupied Tibet, where the overwhelming majority of Tibetans are, Tibet’s people are struggling not for autonomy but their nation’s independence? Furthermore why are a handful of individuals in exile and enjoying democratic freedoms imposing their preferred solution upon nearly 6 million Tibetans, who witness daily protests across Tibet, demonstrations demanding Tibetan independence? Then we have the considerable shortcomings of ‘autonomy’ itself as offering any genuine protection of Tibetans rights and freedoms, given the tyrannical nature of China’s regime and its goal of complete assimilation and elimination of Tibetan culture and national identity.

We decided to detail such questions in a briefing paper directly to those participating at  the 6th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet, we hope you may find it of interest and agree with us that it raises questions that need to be addressed. It may be read and downloaded HERE

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