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Anons Everywhere: Thank You!


As Tibetans inside Tibet continue their resistance to China’s tyranny their struggle is being actively supported by Anonymous. A welcome development as strikes are being launched at Chinese sites (and others) which are linked to the illegal occupation of Tibet, human rights atrocities, censorship and the violent suppression of cultural freedoms. Apart from disabling sites that promote China’s lies on Tibet attention is also, we gather, being given to organizations outside China which promote tourism to Tibet.

We are in solidarity with Anonymous and express sincere gratitude to all activists who are standing with Tibet’s people to demand Tibetan independence and campaign for justice, freedom of speech and oppose the harrowing violations which have been forced upon Tibetans since China invaded Tibet in 1950. In particular we express thanks to @CharafAnons @Fakazey @AnonymousTibet @ProjectInject and @anoriddler for sharing information.

3 thoughts on “Anons Everywhere: Thank You!

  1. Thanks @ Anon and Anonymous for Your Work .
    “end Human bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.

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