Anonymous Issues Declaration For ‘Operation Chinese Freedom’

Image: courtesy of @anonymoustibet

A statement from Anonymous has today been released in which the collective affirms its determination to oppose the censorship, injustice and oppression of China’s regime with an action called ‘Operation Chinese Freedom’.

“For too long has the Chinese Government censored the media and kept the people silent from the outside world. Together we shall make 2013 a year that the Chinese Government shall never forget; the year that the people of the world took action against the oppression and gave the people of China an uncensored media and an uncensored internet. Make it known that this shall not be tolerated in our world and that we will not let it go un-noticed. Write to local representatives demanding that international pressure be placed upon China. Boycott Chinese goods, deliver leaflets and protest until they cannot ignore us anymore. My friends, it is time to let the Chinese people know that they are not alone. We shall fight for their freedom and we shall win!”

The full declaration may be be read here:

Many thanks to @AnonNewsSwe for the heads-up


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