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Will Ms Lumley Avenge Nepal’s Injustice Of Tibetans?


Some readers may remember the CBS show The New-Avengers, a Britsh spy-fy series that featured an actress called Joanna Lumley. Seems the lady is something of a national treasure in Britain and is an ever present face on television. What’s less known is that Ms Lumley is a long time admirer of the Dalai Lama and supporter of Tibet, not high octane activism but her status offers high profile exposure, a resource used by two organizations in England; The Tibet Society and Free Tibet. Who appear to have positive relations with the actress.

In 2007 she joined the Ghurkha Justice Campaign, leading efforts for veteran Nepali soldiers of the British army  to be allowed to settle in the United Kingdom, her involvement ensured huge media support and exposure, and the resultant victory guaranteed her a hero’s welcome when she visited in 2009 Nepal. Clearly she has a deep connection with that country, its culture and people, her father was an officer in the Ghurkha Regiment, and her popularity in that country is now firmly established.

Given her prominent role in various campaigns and advocacy of human rights we wonder what Ms Lumley feels about the disturbing treatment of Tibetan refugees in her beloved Nepal? Has she felt moved to launch an appeal to the Nepalese Government, with which she enjoys positive relations, for an end to the persecution and oppression of Tibetans, who are being violently denied free speech and the right to protest. She may well be aware of the very special relationship between Nepal and China’s regime and no doubt as a supporter of Tibet be distressed by reports of ongoing repression against any attempt to criticize China, with Nepali police wielding the baton and jailing Tibetans who dare to oppose China.

The degree of contempt which the Nepali authorities regard Tibetans is shockingly illustrated by its refusal to return to the Tibetan community there the body of Mr Drupchen Tsering, who self-immolated  in Kathmandu in protest at China’s vicious and illegal occupation of Tibet. Despite repeated attempts by Tibetans, their supporters and representatives Nepal’s Government has refused and declared on March 24 that Drupchen’s body will ordered as  ‘unclaimed’. More HERE

What does Joanna Lumley say about this? What about her friends in the Tibet Society and Free Tibet? Will they be requesting their celebrity supporter to take a stand and oppose the ongoing suppression and abuse of Tibetans by Nepal?

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