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Since When Has News Issued By China’s Regime Been True?


In case you folks forgot China’s regime is engaged in a 24/7 ideological war to manipulate and deceive, the target of such action is international opinion, channeled through its mainstream media buddies, most prominently Associated Press. They are the premier source of news, whose reports are uncritically repeated as irrefutable fact by countless papers and media agencies, such is the network used by China’s regime to spread its lies on Tibet and other odious aspects of its tyranny.


Take today’s AP report, repeated by the New York Post that China is to scrap the forced labor camp system and relax its notorious population control program, is that a hog we just saw flying past the offices of the NYP?! No coincidence of course these claims appear just a couple of days after the controversy of the UN voting China onto the Human Rights Council, cynical public relations at its most corrosive.The message is folks be very very careful in sharing reports on Tibet and or China from the mainstream media as you will run the risk of being an unwitting accomplice in serving the lies and propaganda aims of the Chinese authorities.

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