Season’s Greetings To All Our Friends


Sending our best wishes of the season to everyone who has supported Tibettruth throughout 2013, it has been another amazing year of campaigns, research and lobbying. We again exposed and challenged the shameful silence of Women’s NGO’s concerning China’s coercive birth control atrocities, with activists in New York, lobbying and reporting upon the United Commission on the Status of Women’s conference (which callously ignored the plight of countless women in China, Tibet and East Turkestan traumatized by forced sterilizations).

During the year we were also able to actively oppose plans by the cities of San Leandro and Alameda in California to honor China’s flag on October 1, thanks to a 24/7 online action we managed to help stop those plans. It could only be realized by the wonderful support from our Twitter colleagues and supporters who took up the cause. Another important success was a campaign to prevent Trinity College at Cambridge University in England from serving as a venue for a delegation from China’s Ministry Of Security. The very authority that engages in the torture of any who oppose China’s Regime! Not only did we secure that goal but also the event itself was cancelled due to the widespread international concern, this would not have happened without the activism of our many friends who exposed and challenged it.

We also have been lobbying in support of Tibetan political prisoners (in particular Mr. Lobsang Gedun, and Mr Dolma Kyab, an innocent man who faces execution) throughout 2013 have been lobbying the human rights commissioner of the European Union to press the Chinese government on the welfare and rights of such cases.

During August we had a prominent presence at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, where thanks to the activism of friends the issue of Tibet was given awesome exposure, including the Tibetan national flag being flown across the site and making several appearances on televised coverage.This action ran in collaboration with an information and awareness-raising campaign on Twitter, which generated a really positive discussion and exchange with folks from around the planet!

We promoted and supported a number of protests and lobbying campaigns in the USA, India and Europe on the series of self-immolations and subsequent crack-downs which have happened in Eastern Tibet, and were extremely active in ensuring their political actions and demands were reported accurately. No efforts have been spared in challenging a number of media organizations who had censored and misrepresented reports on such actions.

There was a coordinated lobbying action of the Senate, European and UK Parliaments to acknowledge that the struggle waged by Tibetans, as evidenced by demonstrations across Tibet, was for national independence, while we continued efforts to report on the silence of environmental organizations regarding China’s nuclear poisoning of Tibet and East Turkestan. Mention has to made of the incredible success of our Twitter campaign, which has become a major presence for Tibet’s independence, @tibettruth now has 8, 300 followers, many of whom have been extremely active on a variety of issues and provided information and news of Tibet on a 24/7 basis.

So as 2013 closes we would like to express our sincere thanks to all our friends, old and new, who have shown such kindness and support, it’s been an action-packed year of advancing Tibet’s true cause, which we look forward to building upon. Meanwhile season’s greetings to all and hoping 2014 brings you happiness, health and prosperity.


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