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China: The World’s Execution Capital

Massive Rise In State Executions in China
Massive Rise In State Executions in China

Courtesy of FOT-India

According to Amnesty International,

“China was once again the world’s leading executioner; however, figures remained classified as state secret. The organization believes that − onceagain these figures continued to be in the thousands and that China remained the world’stop executioner, executing more people than the rest of the world combined.”

Source: Amnesty International Report, 2017

Prisoners In China Are Denied Basic Rights Or Fair Legal Process
Prisoners In China Are Denied Basic Rights Or Fair Legal Process

Courtesy of The Age-AU

Prisoners on China’s ‘death-row’, often denied a fair legal process and subject to draconian and state controlled legal system suffer a range of abuse that violate a number of international treaties. Such injustices and violations have a long record in China, a report from British newspaper The Independent in March 24 2009 recorded that: “Chinese prisoners on death row are handcuffed with their feet shackled despite the prohibition under international prison standards on leg-irons and chains as instruments of restraint. Chinese lawyers also report that defendants on capital crime charges are normally brought to interviews at the detention centre in chains”.


Meanwhile in a grisly reminder of Nazi-Germany’s industrialized killing machine, China now employs a fleet of mobile execution chambers, where prisoners are killed with a lethal cocktail of poisons.

See Video Here http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5f0_1175771241&p=1

China's Mobile Killing-Chambers
China’s Mobile Killing-Chambers

See http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/mobile-death-chambers-take-capital-punishment-on-the-road-1652594.html

For more information on this issue: https://www.amnesty.org/en/what-we-do/death-penalty/

3 thoughts on “China: The World’s Execution Capital

  1. We have not come very far since 1945
    We thought we stamped out the Nazi with their sick philosophy on the destruction of not only the Jews but other poor unfortunates which took their fancy, including the Russians but as it turned out Hitler was only a pimp compared to what Stalin had done to his own people and allied prisoner of war from the WW2
    All the ratbag elements throw stone at the Democratic elected government who has to stand up be counted at election time ,but Hitler and his other dictators mates did not have the guts but used their brainwash police forces to stay in power
    China is still going through this process of no appeal which we enjoy in the western societies
    This form of justice is probably more historical than the present day communists government philosophy but China ever become a democracy the middle class will change this

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