The ANC: From Freedom Fighters To Appeasers of China’s Tyrants

Graphic via @tibettruth

A man sits alone at the end of a bar, escaping the dust and heat of a burning summer over Soweto, with each drink of that barely cold beer his mind travels back to days of resistance and uprising against the oppression and discrimination imposed upon black people under the racist regime that was South African National Party.

On the wall the television flashes into life, dragging him back to a present he’d sooner forget,  with a breaking news report confirming that the African National Congress leadership has once again banned the Dalai Lama from participating in a conference of Nobel laureates due to be held in South Africa. With a weary eye he catches the attention of the barman and orders another drink, his lonely flight to forget the cruel changes that time can inflict. He recalls former years, the solidarity, principles and determination to establish freedom for his people, to see a system that truly valued human rights and equality, what happened to that dream?

Shifting the ice around the glass he wonders how the ANC could be so blind to the sickening hypocrisy of an organization, that once struggled for national freedom against a violent tyranny, could now so readily appease a Chinese regime that is waging a genocidal assault against Tibet and its people. It is all so wrong and hardly the aspiration of the Rainbow Nation!

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