Glastonbury Pub And Restaurant Partnering #teamGlasto4TIBET

Glastonbury Pub Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Glastonbury Pub Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Image via googlemaps

A massive shout-out to our Twitter buddies @Glasto4TIBET who with just a few days to go before the Glastonbury Festival launches have been 24/7 across action for #teamGlasto4TIBET. Looks like Tibet’s flag will be flying again thanks to some amazing  folks who have offered their support in ensuring that the issue of Tibet will have a positive presence at the event. This year the team is joined by Karen from Cambridgeshire, England and we are so happy to hear that in the town itself #teamGlasto4TIBET has two partners who will be showing solidarity with the people of Tibet.

Glastonbury Restaurant  Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Glastonbury Restaurant Partnering With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Image:Honour Bennett

It’s so cool to welcome The King Arthur pub and Hundred Monkeys a vegetarian restaurant, both based in the center of Glastonbury, thank you so very much for supporting #teamGlasto4TIBET. Anyone visiting the town is recommended to check out their fine foods and beers, you will be sure to get a great welcome, especially if you support Tibet 🙂


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