Xi Jinping In Switzerland As Tibetan Protests Are Suppressed

Video shared for educational purposes, copyright remains with RTSinfo

Sunday 1/15/2017 Bern Switzerland

Peaceful Tibetan protesters arrested by Swiss police, Tibetan flags confiscated, banners removed, while pro-China demonstrators are left to wave their flags and raise their placards in support of China’s tyrannical regime. This disgraceful discrimination against Tibetans reveals the economic and political priorities of the Swiss authorities, which since 2014 has operated a free trade arrangement with China. The many decent folk of Switzerland will be extremely disappointed by the police treatment of Tibetans who are simply trying to exercise a democratic right to dissent.

Meanwhile Herr Reto Nause, Bern’s security director should take a long look into his conscience. We must presume that in preparation his office considered and authorized the policing of such protests. In light of scenes witnessed on the streets of his city and the disproportionate force and aggression be used to target Tibetan demonstrators he needs to urgently examine the appalling behavior of his police colleagues. For the suppression of legitimate and peaceful protest flies in the face of the values of justice, freedom and democracy or which his country is well regarded.

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