Season’s Greetings To Our Friends & Subscribers


Throughout 2017 our digital activism for Tibet, human rights and freedom has been hugely positive, 24/7 we’ve reported, campaigned and lobbied across a range of issues. During the year we have also been pressing our campaign on China’s grisly trade in human organs, focusing upon the role of Professor Huang Jiefu. Our Twitter team had had another incredible year informing, sharing and leading the way on exposing and challenging the tyranny of China’s regime. On Facebook too we have established a strong presence and worked hard to raise issues such as forced sterilizations and the silence of the United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women, UN Women and associated Women’s NGOs. Meanwhile our site received a top activist award citation and continues to attract an increasing global audience, publishing ground-breaking reports, investigations and information on Tibet.

As our subscribers and friends will know unlike other groups active on the issue of Tibet we receive no funding, have no paid staff or are financed by a membership. Our activism is carried out by people who care passionately about the Tibetan cause. Volunteering their time, skills, experience and knowledge. To that end we are assisted greatly by the humbling kindness and generosity of international friends, who through the years have actively supported, encouraged and donated towards our work. Such solidarity is deeply appreciated and it has enabled us to invest in new resources and ensured our online presence is secured and attracting international attention.

As 2017 draws to a close we’d like to express our sincere thanks to all our friends, old and new, who have shown such kindness and support. It’s been an action-packed year of advancing Tibet’s true cause, which we look forward to building upon. Meanwhile season’s greetings to all and hoping 2018 brings you happiness, health and prosperity. We look forward to the New Year and shall continue to be a voice for human rights, freedom and justice.