Fire Engulfs Tibet’s Jokhang Temple


As Tibetans celebrate their New Year festival of Losar, in the capital of occupied Tibet, Lhasa, a major fire has today engulfed the Jokhang Temple. An ancient site of immense religious and cultural importance to Tibetans. Recent reports have confirmed the blaze struck an ancillary building within the Jokhang complex.

This is not the first time we have reported fires breaking out in key centers of Tibetan Buddhism, and given China’s objective of eradicating Tibetan cultural identity there’s a natural suspicion as to the causes of such blazes. The Chinese regime usually places fault upon the structure and wiring of Tibetan buildings. Of course it would say that. One thing for sure the Jokhang was a remnant of Lhasa, prior to the invasion of Tibet, since then Lhasa has been transformed into a drab concrete sprawl, with Chinese characteristics on very street! We imagine this event and subsequent restoration will be used by China’s Ministry of Propaganda as a cynical opportunity to portray the Chinese authorities as caring and respectful custodians of Tibetan culture.