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Twitter Locks Down @tibetruth

We understand that early this morning our colleagues @tibettruth over on Twitter found themselves locked out of their account. This happened before, in 2015, when for no fault of theirs the account was closed by Twitter. An appeal was issued and with the help of many friends eventually access was restored, the explanation and apology provided at the time was that:

“Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. Your account is now unlocked, sorry for the inconvenience.”

It’s hoped that Twitter promptly ensure that @tibettruth are allowed free and full access to their account as they do remarkable work for the cause of human rights and national freedom for Tibet and its people.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Locks Down @tibetruth

  1. tibetthruth is a important part, in fighting for the thruth about Tibet. They want independente and freedom for all people in the World, just like US. Please open theire Twitter Again! Please!

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