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A Pro-Tibet Anonymous Collective Reports Seeding Thousands Of Chinese Websites With Deadly Virus

Video courtesy of @AnonymousTibet


With just over 24 hours to go before Anonymous launch their planned strike (against Chinese corporate and government sites linked with the mass surveillance of Tibetans) activists with Operation Tibet have already been causing havoc. A number of sites have been hacked, CCTV cameras across China broken into and made vulnerable to further damage. One of the major corporations enabling China’s regime to suppress the people of Tibet with facial recognition and big data monitoring has had it’s server crashed by a recent attack.


A Pro-Tibet Anonymous Collective Reports Seeding Thousands Of Chinese Websites With Deadly Virus

Screenshot Of Latest Attack From #blackhat, thanks to @JohnDoe14314155


These actions have been conducted by the digital activists  #blackhat. In the past hour an anonymous account on Twitter @JohnDoe14314155 has posted news that the same collective is claiming more than 500 thousand Chinese websites are infected with MIRAI”.  This particular form of cyber attack has caused massive global damage to websites and networks in the past, injecting malware into servers and computers transforming them into remotely accessible bots. These can then be exploited and used to initiate further attacks, on a similarly immense scale.

A digital chaos is being inflicted by those within Operation Tibet and over the next day or so it looks to be getting a whole lot worse for Chinese corporate and government websites. Anyone raising Tibet’s national flag on ‘Tibetan Independence Day’ on February 13 will be smiling with delight at this incredible support from Anonymous . We shall of course keep right across developments.




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